By becoming a member of the AJF Society your support ensures we are able to continue impacting a world of artists who look to the Atlanta Jazz Festival as a premier platform for the latest expressions of jazz culture. Your commitment enables the festival to remain an annual destination for not only jazz enthusiasts, but Atlanta’s residents and visitors who look forward to the festival each year.

Your generous gift confirms your commitment to sustain this rich tradition in music through this vibrant cultural celebration. We need your support and we hope that we can count on you to maintain the largest free jazz festival in the country.

1. Dr. William A. Alexander & Avarita Hanson
2. Derrick & Laura Alphran
3. Kathleen Bertrand
4. Daniel Black
5. Stephen Bryant
6. Imara Canady
7. Gary & Margaret Cassis
8. Marcus Davis
9. Miko & Tina Simmons DeFoor
10. Dr. Robert Dinker
11. Arnold & Joyce Evans
12. Ernest & Patrice Greer
13. JoAnn Haden-Miller
14. Charles & Michelle Harris
15. El-Mahdi Holly
16. Thaddeus & Kimberly Johnson
17. Tharon & Chynna Johnson
18. Kenny & Jennifer Leon
19. Kent Matlock
20. Bruce Mattox
21. Cornell McBride, Jr.
22. Ahli Moore
23. Beverly Nash-Lowe
24. Rodney & Cheryl Neal
25. Michael & Denise Whiting Pack
26. Armond & Sharon Perkins
27. Stephen C. Peters
28. Dr. Erich Randolph
29. Suzette Randolph
30. Leon Rogers
31. Michael & Donata Ross
32. Frank & Robyn Sims
33. Pamela Smith
34. Joseph &Margie Spatarella
35. Nikita Trivedi
36. Dr. Robert Vogt, Jr.
37. Mack Wilbourn
38. Gregory Williams
39. Mtaminika Youngblood
40. William L. Stanley, III

1. Earthbound Construction
2. Brooke Jackson Edmond
3. Joseph Myers, Sr.
4. Dr. & Mrs. Reed Tuckson
5. Wall Street Realty Solutions, LLC

1. Margo M. Davis, Board Chair
2. Camille Russell Love, ex-officio
3. Eddie L. Bridgeman, Sr. ex-officio
4. Rick Baker
5. Jason Carter
6. Dr. W. Kelvin Dancy
7. Hillary Dunson
8. Charles J. Johnson, Jr.
9. George E. Matlock
10. Joseph V. Myers, III
11. Kelvin J. Pettaway
12. Susan Ross

Dr. William A. Alexander
James Anderson
Michael K. Anderson
Kathleen Bertrand
Imara Canady
Gary & Margaret Cassis
Marquette & Jana Chester
Marcus & Sandra Davis
Miko & Tina Simmons DeFoor
Arnold & Joyce Evans
Jo Ann Haden-Miller
Dr. Marilyn Jackson
Kelly King
Arthur J. Lewis, Jr.
George & Celena Matlock
Beverly Nash-Lowe
Rodney & Cheryl Neal
Michael & Denise Pack
Armond & Sharon Perkins
Kelvin & Lynn Pettaway
William & Marian Roach
Michael & Donata Ross
Frank & Robyn Sims
Pamela Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Reed Tuckson
Dr. Robert Vogt, Jr.
Gregory Williams

Margo M. Davis, Board Chair
Camille Russell Love, ex-officio
Eddie L. Bridgeman, Sr. ex-officio
Rick Baker
Jason Carter
W. Kelvin Dancy, MD
Hillary I. Dunson
Charles J. Johnson, Sr.
George E. Matlock
Joseph V. Myers, III
Kelvin J. Pettaway
Susan Ross