new jazz underground

New Jazz Underground

“New Jazz Underground” is a trio composed of three Juilliard School Alumni in Jazz at Lincoln Center’s inner circle of young artists who have worked closely with jazz masters ranging from Wynton Marsalis, Victor Lewis and ELEW.

The trio features Abdias Armenteros (s) 23, Sebastian Rios (b) 27, and TJ Reddick (d) 23, all originally from Florida, they met and started performing together at Juilliard.

The band’s artistic ethos is steeped in veneration of the rich lineage of jazz while demonstrating an acute awareness and presence in contemporary postmodernist sensibilities. Their online output reflects this characteristic balance, performing music created in solemn focus on swing, the blues, and improvisation, yet their approach in the modern art and media landscape comes with a measured irony.

Playing notable festivals like DC Jazz Fest, ATL Jazz Fest, Jazz BRNO and winning the DC Jazz Prix has solidified New Jazz Underground as permanent fixtures in the modern jazz landscape.

In fall of 2024 they are slated to release their first single title “Hold My Halo / Pseudo Latin Vibe” marking their first official release and glimpse into their original musical conception.